Hi - I'm Rebecca, Thanks for checkin' out my site.
I've been a tattoo artist since the early 1990's, I got my first tattoo when I was 16, and have had a passionate love for body art ever since. Being creative is a very important part of who I am, it allows me the freedom to express myself in many different ways. It lead me to Kendall College of Art & Design where I honed my skills in drawing, sculpture, Mixed-media, and painting.

I do Love tattooing, I specialize in Island Tribal, Asian, and Traditional style tattoo art. I've won awards for my work, and have been featured in some industry rags; Savage & Tattoo ... Oh yeah, and did I mention... I LOVE TATTOOING?!!

In the early days...
I apprenticed at Magnum Tattooing in Grand Rapids, MI under Wayne Mosher.

Some other shops I've tattooed at are:

  • Laughing Gremlin - Gr. Rapids, MI
  • Sacred Heart - Atlanta, GA
  • Body Language - Fort Myers, FL
  • My Tattoo Shop - Miami, FL
  • The Red Stag Tattoo Club - Wyoming, MI

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